Ant Control

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House ants can be a stubborn nuisance inside your home. While the best time to prevent ants from invading your home is before they have arrived, if you see one or two crawling your counter top or window sill, you may still have time to act.
  • A clean home is an ant-free home. Vacuum crumbs and bits of food. Keep the counters clean of spilled soda or juice. Dispose of or recycle finished soda cans and juice boxes instead of letting them accumulate on the counter, desk, or table. Take out the garbage regularly. Don't let dirty dishes stack up. Ants love sugary snacks, especially in the summer, and crumbs, grease, and leftovers; taking away their food source is the best home defense.
  • Put all food and leftovers in sealed containers or bags.
  • Seal cracks, shut doors, and screen the windows. Ants can get in the smallest of openings, and may eventually find a way in if you have enough food around, but combining this step with a clean house will give ants no way or reason to come inside your home.
  • If ants have found a way into your home, mix a vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle. Try and trace the path from the point you found the ants to where they came in from, and anywhere else you have seen the ants, and spray the vinegar solution along this path. Ants leave a scented trail from their nest to food sources, and vinegar will mask any trail the ants have marked.
If you start to find more than a few ants, or you see a line of them heading for your house, it's time to call Killo Exterminating Co. We use environmentally and family friendly options whenever possible, so don't think that you are inviting chemicals into your home by calling us. Killo was founded by a doctor of entomology: we literally have a doctorate in pest control. We know how to treat your ants using natural means, methods and traps!
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