Pineville, NC

Termite Control in Pineville, NC

According to the History of Pineville, NC, this historic town was named for its abundant pines that cast their shadow over the community. Being the birthplace of the 11th president of the United States, James K. Polk, Pineville is a quaint small town with a plethora of family activities. This family community however is still prone to termites, pests, mosquitoes and more!

The trained exterminators at Killo have the experience and expertise to treat your infestation. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, we can properly treat your property for pest infestations.

termite control in Pineville, NC
Services We Provide:

Pest Control:
We can help with pests ranging from ants and beetles to mice, rats and roaches.

Mosquito Control: We can manage these annoying pests, whether they are out of your site or within inches of you.

Termite Control: We treat the removal of swarmer termites and many other wood destroying insects.

At Killo we are proud to provide service throughout Pineville and its surrounding communities. When you need the leading exterminator in the area, contact us today!

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